Flying on the back of an Eagle in the French Alps.



i was thinking about being dragonk-n earlier. first i had the usual thought “i wish i was a dragon”. then a small voice in my mind spoke up: “why would anyone want to be something like that? why would you want to be that horrible, bloodthirsty, dangerous thing that people fear?”

and you know what? to that i say, i’m fucking proud of us. all the dragons, demons, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, any and all of us monsters.

we have accepted who we are. and hopefully we are happy & proud. we are the terrors in the night, the beasts that have haunted humans for centuries, we have been shunned and killed and called evil. humans dress up as us for halloween because we are scary to them. we’ve been aligned with the devil, and all things unholy.

but we are not the mindless, evil creatures that society has put us up to be. the people that fear us. the people that hate us. we’re more than that. still, though, at the end of the day? hell yeah, we’re monsters. we’re vicious, and we’re fucking unstoppable. we are the ones who are content being what people fear.

so be strong, all of you. we’re in this together in the shadow that’s been cast upon us. and let our enemies tremble.